Roaming Hunger

Savoury Eats is combining gastropub dining with classic Southern soul to craft a brand new food truck experience, and that's before you even pay. The truck's equipped with mobile ordering that lets you choose your order, and lets you know it's ready via text alert.

Once you grab your grub, get ready for some of the finest dishes in Florida, mobile or otherwise - from a classic Chicken and Waffle 'wich that pleases both sides of your palette to Korean Kalbi short ribs over fried rice. The influences run wide and the taste runs deep on a menu that's made to enhance your borders and satisfy you down to your very roots. There's no other food truck in Ft. Lauderdale that offers the same mix of inspiration and ingenuity - both onboard, and alongside. To round it all off, all ingredients are local whenever possible, as well as sustainable

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